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What business are we in – Micro-Collaboration! And get more out of Existing Social Networks

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This week we figured out that the business we are in is Micro-collaboration!

Twitter is used for micro-blogging! When what you have to say to your social network or friends is short and sweet like what you are up to at that time or share an interesting web page you have come across, you use Twitter to share that information in a micro-blog!

dunniitt is all about micro-collaboration! You want to simply find out the status of something you are collaborating with your friend, family or colleagues at work or solicit their opinion about something, you need a micro-collaboration tool.

Micro-blogging is one way but micro-collaboration is every direction with every participant. Every micro-collaborator will be able to see what everyone else says in real-time from any device, any where !

Examples of micro-collaboration are:

  • Trying to set up a meeting with one or more people and trying to find a suitable time that works for everyone.
  • Catching up on the status of some activity you shared with somebody else.
  • Trying to organize a potluck dinner and making sure you don’t end up with everyone bringing only desserts!
  • Doing an informal poll on what kind of restaurant people at the office would like to go to for Friday’s lunch.
  • Creating a shopping list and more than one person updating it from anywhere in real-time!
  • Performing a quick brainstorm among two or more people on activities you can do this coming long weekend

Your family, friends and colleagues are all distributed among various social networks like facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, Gmail, etc. How do you collaborate with them without resorting to email and phone? Dunnitt!

You should be able to find your friends among multiple social networks, bring them into smaller lists of people you want to micro-collaborate with and then do it!

That’s what we are upto!