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How does dunnitt help you avoid email or phone tag?

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Twitter is powerful because it allows those you are interested in, or those that are interested in you, track what is happening or what is interesting at that particular moment in real-time.

dunnitt is trying to do this for Tasks and Activities. Without using email or the phone, can you coordinate your activities, tasks, fun stuff, in real-time with family, friends and colleagues at work?

When you are trying to coordinate tasks or activities with anybody other than yourself, the possible communication mechanisms and modes that people are comfortable with gets in the way.

You send email, then you call to verify whether they saw the email or not.

When it involves more than two people, the number of combinations going back and forth increases. This is something people can solve by just appointing one person to coordinate things. But then, this is the only person having knowledge of what is going on with all others!

dunnitt’s goal is to provide a mechanism where everybody can see in real-time what the latest status of the coordination is. If someone suggests a possible date and time for meeting for drinks, everyone will be able to see what works or does not work for all others.

If a complex activity involves multiple people, everyone should be able to see what the current status is with all of the activities.

That’s what we are shooting for in dunnitt.

Let us know how important this is to you, if we are achieving what we are trying to do, what else could get all of us there.