What led to dunnitt.com?

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My son is in the 8th grade, and in a competitive basket ball league, here in Pleasanton,CA.

Every week, his coach sets up practice sessions for all the members. Every week, he has problems contacting all the kids or their moms or dads over email, or the phone, to find days and times that will work for everyone. Some were comfortable with email, some with voicemail. There wasn’t one mechanism where all the parties concerned could coordinate these activities collaboratively!

On another occasion, my son was trying to set up a movie date with all of his friends. Same problem! He was trying to do it with Facebook, Email and Voice mail, all with different people using different mechanisms.

This is what led to the thought- What if there was a single location on the web where you could create and share these activities with yourself, your family, your friends or colleagues at work and that’s all you did there? Everybody manages things they need to do and things that they share with others in this one specialized website.

What if you were automatically informed if someone completed an activity you shared with them?

What if you could remind them if they have not responded?

What if you could access this shared pool of activities from any browser or any smartphone, anywhere, anytime?

If  it is one or two people, Email and Voicemail works well. If the number grows beyond two or three, then you start playing email tag or telephone tag or both! One single repository of all of this activity could enable everybody to do this very efficiently and effectively, no?

That’s what led to dunnitt.com pre-beta!

Please use the  pre-beta release, recommend it to your friends, family members and others!

 Tell us what worked, what didn’t, what was useful, what wasn’t, what is still needed?