Dunnitt on Rails on Agile – Part -I

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We have recently launched the pre-beta version of Dunnitt (http://www.dunnitt.com). Like how Twitter is for micro-blogging, Dunnitt is for micro-collaboration. You can check the screenshots of Dunnitt at http://www.dunnitt.com/one_minute_manual

Thought I would share here some of the simple things we do while we are working on our Sprint release.

Firstly from Process perspective..

  • We are using the pieces of Scrum, XP and our own in-house process. We dont want to use just one, because the web development is more diverse than it can be managed with one specific way of running projects.
  • When Nari Kannan (our Product Owner) initially proposed the Dunnitt idea using a text document, we quickly moved from document to ‘stories and task’. We started storing our stories at PivotalTracker (a truly light-weight agile tool) and with that we started having cleaner and finer control over the project features. By the way, we are also planning to use Silver Catalyst soon or later.
  • This is an agile offshore development project, as we had our Product Owner & UAT Tester at Pleasanton,CA and the development team at our Chennai office. Project can (and any relationship) fails because of communication failure and we don’t want that to happen at ANY cost. We make enough noise when things are not clear to all of us. We used IM, Phone, Screencast and that we could to keep our communication clear.
  • While we are getting both postive and non-positive (thanks) feedbacks from the Dunnitt users, we are glad that we haven’t got a MAJOR complaints from the users. The credit goes to test driven development process.
  • We don’t mind saying No. Starting from Product Owner to developer in our team, when we are not comfortable with certain requests, we don’t move on with that. It may sour for a moment but that whats kept us going well together.

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