What is the precise problem we are trying to solve with Dunnitt?

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If it is just you and some one else, coordinating things is easy!

If it is 3 people and more, just trying to get something organized gets people into Email and Phone Tag! It may happen even with two people, but with three people the chances are more and the potential for confusion is more if everybody starts calling everybody else and coordinates!

Twitter is Many-to-Many Information Sharing in Real-time.

What if you had Many-to-Many Activity Sharing and Updates in Real-Time, from anywhere, any place and any device?

That’s the whole idea behind dunnitt.

What if you had a number of different kinds of Basic Activity Types like a simple Text Description or something that needs to be done by you or by others? Or a Yes/No question that you send email about just to find out a yes or no answer?

Or you had a question that requires a simple one phrase answer or the name of a person. Why call someone on the phone or send them email and wait for an answer?

Email and Phone are inevitable. But we all are sick of the Email overload we already have and the phone calls made back and forth just to leave a message or listening to a message left while you were in some other meeting.

Why not take whatever percentage of those simple kinds of activities off to a separate utility?

What do you think?


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